We're not playing games, we're living an adventure!

The Nightstalkers simulate United States Special Operations Operators, Private Military Contractors, DEA operators, complete with realistic equipment, mission objectives, and a sustained rush of adrenaline. The ongoing scenario is based around a fictitious, but plausible low-intensity conflict set deep in the jungles of Honduras in Central America. We train ourselves in multiple areas of combat in a variety of ways; target practice, tactical formations and maneuvers, field combat training, combat casualty care, commands and communication, and much more. Some of the tactics we bring to the field are aggressive in nature which sets us apart from conventional airsoft teams.

The Nightstalkers MilSim Airsoft Team "Central Command" was officially activated on the 6th March 2010 and is based in California. There, Nightstalkers CENTCOM personnel supports and provides intelligence to the Nightstalkers strategic interests for milsim airsoft operations in Victoria, Texas.

While intel is crucial for the Nightstalkers operations, often times the opfor may conduct an attack or other activities without any notice...that's part of keeping it real. The Nightstalkers always "expect the unexpected"

We are not associated with any branch of the U.S. military; however, this team has had training courtesy of the US Air Force, and strives to reflect the same ethics and professionalism of all US military services. 

Note: Names and events mentioned in Victoria Military Simulations are fictional and is for recreational purposes only. Victoria MilSim, and its affiliates, does not advocate the use of firearms for violent acts. The hobby/sport of milsim airsoft, when properly carried out, is safe, enjoyable and of no threat to the public. We use replica firearms as a means to replicate the many great military forces around the world in a safe way. The use of realistic models, which resemble real firearms, purely adds to the theme and atmosphere. We simply wish to enjoy a simulated battle experience. Victoria MilSim members never brandish any form of replica weaponry in an openly public place.


In November of 1996, two men from Victoria, Texas gathered a dozen or so friends and organized a Capture The Flag game in a heavily wooded area just outside of Victoria, Texas.

It was so well received they continued it and called it Wargames. It soon took on a military approach, using military clothing, gear, and airsoft guns. The team adopted the name "Wargames-Team One".

After a few years it went from less Capture The Flag style games into more military simulation scenario events. The first official Wargames MilSim operation known as "Operation: Nightstalker" was conducted. It was such a successful operation that Team Ones' name was officially changed to Nightstalkers and has remained ever since.

The description "Wargames" eventually changed to "MilSim". These military simulation airsoft games, or events as the team prefers, continues today.

In 2006 the Nightstalkers were invited to Camp Anderson-Peters, a USAF training facility at Camp Bullis, TX, for a 3 day/2 night hands-on and classroom specialized training for land navigation and detainee searches.

In 2008 the Nightstalkers were featured in the Victoria Advocate Newspaper as a local feature, they produced a video as well and is featured on You Tube.

In 2009 the Nightstalkers were awarded the  U S Army Freedom Team Salute for contributions to the Army community.

In 2011 the Nightstalkers became a supporting member of the United States Joint Task Force (B-Co Recon).

On November 12, 2016 The Nightstalkers celebrated 20 years of continuous milsim airsoft. With a half century of combined milsim airsoft experience, the Nightstalkers are proud to be the oldest milsim airsoft team in Texas.

Nightstalkers Motto: "Exspecto Insperatus"

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