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Looking to become a Nightstalker? Membership is open to anyone 16 years of age and up. Prior airsoft experience IS NOT required. Participation requires executing a waiver of liability, which is part of the online registration process. If you are interested in joining the Nightstalkers team, click the email link below to get started. It is important to include your name, age, and city.  Be aware that just because you apply for membership does not guarantee admittance. All participants are expected to conduct themselves in a manner consistent with the Victoria MILSIM Code of Conduct and abide by Victoria MILSIM official rules and regulations.

Email: victoriamilsim@gmail.com

Click here to download the waiver of liability in PDF format.



Q: Do I have to wear BDU's to be on the team?

Some type of military/tactical clothing is required. Visit our picture pages to get an idea. You must dress the part to properly simulate military operators in the jungles.


Q: Are milsim activities always held at night?

YES. Milsim activities are held at night. If there isn't a scheduled milsim scenario, the team conducts training scenarios to keep our skills sharp.


Q: May I come out as a guest BEFORE joining the team, and is there a minimum age limit to join?

Yes, we understand you may not totally understand what this is all about. If you are considering joining our team, it is possible to come with us as a guest and see for yourself.

Email us or call us and let us know you're interested.

We do not recruit anyone under the age of 16. If you are under 16 and would like to attend as a guest, you must have parental approval and a signed waiver.


Q: Can I just come out when I want to play milsim airsoft?

Victoria MilSim is not a "walk-on" field. All participants must contact team command in order to be approved as a guest or team member. You will car-pool to the milsim area of operation. Remember, in order to participate in any way, you MUST contact team command first.


Q: What will I need to bring with me if I come along as a guest?

Earth tone clothing (nothing bright and nothing black), military boots or some type of hiking boot, water, approved eye protection. We will provide you with a flashlight and communications.


Q: I am with an airsoft team and wondered if the Nightstalkers compete against other teams?

No we don't. The opposition forces we go up against in milsim scenarios are part of the Victoria Milsim group. Scenario-based milsim airsoft is what Victoria Milsim is all about rather than team competition airsoft games.


Q: What is Victoria Milsim?

The Nightstalkers Airsoft Team refers to our overall activities as Victoria Milsim, short for Military Simulation. We combine military fundamentals with airsoft play. Our milsim events are ongoing with a continuous scenario. Our events are run by the players themselves using agreed upon rules. ALL participants are required to be familiar with the Rules, Regulations and Code of Conduct. The Nightstalkers, the aggressor forces, hostages, civilians...anyone who is involved in our events/scenario is considered part of Victoria Milsim.


Q: I am considering trying to join your team should I buy an airsoft gun at Academy?

Good to hear you are interested in our team. While Academy Sports does sell airsoft guns, you may fall short in the long run. You will need more power and durability in your gun which is why I would suggest you order online from Evike or AirsoftGI, just a few online sites we frequent. Our team members can also give you suggestions as to the type of gun that would be best to use.


Q: What caliber of bb do you guys use?

I think you mean grams. Anywhere from .20 to .25 I would say it varies depending on the operator, but most of us use the heavier bb.


Q: Can I use my rubber fake knife at Victoria Milsim events?

Yes you can. They must first be approved by team command before use, and check the rules and regulations regarding knife wounds.


Q: What is the Nightstalkers style of airsoft?

We are often asked this question. The Nightstalkers is a hardcore milsim team. Our style could best be described as a combination of PMC (Private Military Contractors) & DEA Operator style in most of our ops.


Q: What's the difference between airsoft and scenario airsoft?

Airsoft is simply the name of the game.  Airsoft can be as simple as taking a bunch of guys and putting airsoft guns in their hands and sending them out into the woods to shoot each other for a few hours.  Be it with teams or every man for himself.  This is typically known as airsoft skirmishing.  Scenario-based airsoft on the other hand is where it truly gets interesting, and in our opinion a lot more fun!

Another name for scenario airsoft is milsim which is of course short for military simulation. Basically it all boils down to a scenario airsoft event that allows everyone, with an imagination, the ability to immerse themselves in a simulation of a military or para-military operation.

Scenario Airsoft or MilSim does not necessarily mean non-stop action either.  Some scenarios require a recon team to avoid contact all together and retrieve some intelligence. This can be just as exciting as a firefight.

Scenario Airsoft is not for everyone.  There are some that prefer to run-and-gun and just engage in skirmishes and leave it at that.  But there are many players out there that desire something more immersible.  That is where Victoria MilSim comes in.


Q: Where is Victoria MilSim held?

It is held just outside of Victoria, Texas. 


Q: I have played paintball games, is this just like that?

NO! There is no paint and no mess like there is with paintball. We are primarily a military simulation team who actively engage in simulated combat tactics by use of airsoft weapons.


Q: Do you guy's campout all night?

On occasion camping after Victoria Milsim is permitted, however it is not a party. It is treated as if you are military camping in a jungle.


Q: My parents want to watch, is that possible?

The terrain in our area of operation is not conducive for observers.  Plus, observers are a distraction and take away from the realism we try to achieve. Parental concern tells us that they care about you and your activity. We understand and encourage that. We suggest they read the website, read this FAQ section, email us here with questions. We do whatever we can to help them understand.


Q: How physical is milsim?

There is some physical contact. You may become fatigued from walking or running and the humidity will factor in as well. Just keep hydrated and you should be just fine.


Q: Are ghillie suits allowed?

Yes ghillies are allowed, but not recommended.


Q: Is pyro allowed.

Possibly, please contact team command and it will be evaluated.

Q: Will there be water available out there?

No. You are required to carry some sort of water container such as camelbak/canteen.

Q: Can I use night vision goggles out there during an op?

Yes. However it is dangerous and it can not interfere with the safe, normal wear of your eye protection.